Express Consumption Credit

Express credit is the solution to consider in terms of financial urgency. However, we must pay attention to its terms of repayment. Express credit is the solution to consider in terms of financial urgency. An imponderable? A wedding or holiday project? Need to buy a car or appliances quickly? In the event of an unforeseen […]

How to check if I’m in ERT?

Pursuant to the principles set out by the Economic Information Bureau, a debtor is placed in the ERT register, whose liability is more than PLN 200 (in the case of a natural person) or PLN 500 (in the case of entrepreneurs), and 60 days have passed from the day fixed for paying off the debt. […]

Credit Disclaimer – new BIK service

May 11, 2018 The Credit Information Bureau has activated the new service. Credit Disclaimer allows you to secure your data in BIK. This is to prevent abuse when incurring financial obligations. Consequently, criminals will have a difficult path to extorting loans or credits. Provident is one of the first companies that cooperates with BIK as […]

How to calculate your debt ratio?

  Obtaining a consumer credit is done according to the means of the borrower. To know if an individual can take out a personal loan and how much he can borrow, he must know his debt ratio. This value, expressed as a percentage, makes it possible to estimate the amount of monthly payments that can be envisaged. The debt ratio […]

How To Suspend Your Credit Maturity?

In difficult times, when you face unforeseen expenses, or incidents of life, you may need to suspend your credit maturities. This suspension of credit maturities is also called the credit due date. But before thinking about the postponement, if you have taken out insurance, look carefully at the clauses of this insurance. This insurance could […]