Do Poles borrow less thanks to 500+?

Provision of 500+ is certainly one of the largest social programs initiated by Law and Justice. Learn more about the 500+ Program. Initially, the provision of 500plus aroused a lot of controversy, but in the end it caused a lot of supporters to the ruling party. No wonder, since, as numerous studies indicate, the standard […]

Credit and loan – how is it?

Credit and loan is used alternately The term credit and loan is used alternately, without diversifying the terms in accordance with their true purpose. The resemblance is undeniable – in both terms it is important to get money from one side to the other. Both institutions, legal persons and natural persons can borrow. Since both […]

A tool that facilitates the granting of a proof loan

Non-bank companies offering cash loans are being developed. It is not only about financial products, but also about their availability. Borrowers expect that a loan for an ID card will actually be granted to them quickly – just as companies declare. The Contactmatic application comes out to meet these expectations. Online ID verification of loans […]

Can the terms of the loan agreement change over time?

In our lives we make many agreements regarding various aspects of our lives. Some of them may be extended in time, while others, such as a contract with a non-bank company, usually have short, predetermined time limits. However, regardless of the form of the contract, there are situations in which the terms of the contract […]

A quick non-bank loan will build a good credit history

Everyone who ever applied for a loan at any bank has heard of the credit history. Many financial institutions, assessing our creditworthiness, primarily check the information gathered in BLO, SML or IKR. This is not always beneficial information, hardly anyone is aware that a good credit history can be done quite simply. How to do […]